Julia – Blog Post #2

bikeHave you ever covered a bed in cash and rolled all over it? I haven’t, though it seems to happen a lot in the movies. I’m a hundred dollars richer, since I started the carfree challenge (with all I have saved on gas), and rolling around on it could be a good way to celebrate. But I don’t have my savings in cash, it’s sitting safely in my bank account. Throwing my debit card on my bed and rolling around on it, doesn’t seem to have the same glamour.

I could’ve saved more, but on a couple of occasions I’ve called my husband from work to “carpool” home (once after a clap of thunder made me jump in my cubicle). What will I do with the money saved? I’m not sure, by the end of the month I hope to save more than $200. With that I could double down and buy a nice bike commuter bag and gloves and finish off the year mostly car-free and see how much I save.

My method of being car-free this month has been a combination of bike and bus (and “carpooling” with my husband). The biking has been great and the bus has been much better than I imagined, but the bus ride is long. I think more people would ride if the routes were more convenient and there were express routes.

I have a week and a half left on the challenge and am having fun thinking about what I will do with the money saved.