Derrick – Blog Post #2

Eastmoreland and Biking Downtown

mapGetting downtown, for me, means picking a low traffic east to west street, and proceeding west until point B. From The Overton Park area, that’s either Madison or North Parkway. From my neighborhood in the U of M area, that means Central, then Belvedere, then Peabody Vance, or alternately Southern, Cooper, Peabody/Vance. I had to make a stop yesterday morning on Madison just shy of the I-240 overpass. From my place, I took Central, went to Peabody, and from here took a right on Rozelle, a little street that cuts between Peabody and Union. From there I reached Eastmoreland. This street is a wonderful little residential that runs parallel to Union and intersects with many of the major streets that run north/south through Union, allowing access to a number of business along a substantial length of Union (On the south side that is. For the north side, Monroe will take care of you). I learned about this street a few years ago, and it’s the calm scenic solution to Peabody and definitely Union, which is stressful to navigate as a motorist, let alone a cyclist.

From Eastmoreland, I turn north on Kimbrough, then west on Monroe, which took me past the Buccaneer and Cleveland all the way to Claybrook, meets with Madison and pretty much takes me where I need to go.

House off EastmorelandAfter my stop, I figured I could go downtown to get some sketching done, because I’m an illustrator and, full disclosure, the car-free challenge prompted me to work on a personal project involving key bike-y (official term) areas of Memphis. I decided to head to Riverside, which is at the end of one of my favorite ride routes. From Madison, I reversed my earlier directions and made it back to Eastmoreland. I went westward from there, and made it to East Street, where Eastmoreland ends. East leads to Linden, which goes straight to Main St., taking me to GE Patterson. From there I take Front/Georgia, make a left on Channel 3 Drive (I’m gonna include a map with this post by the way…), cruise through Martyr’s Park and take the Riverwalk path to Tom Lee Park against the river.

bluff-Sketch/reference gathering time!

At this point, there is no obvious route back up the bluff, except back through the Riverwalk, but I want to get back to Madison in a more direct way. So I cross Riverside and head up a set of stairs that takes me and my bike up the bluff, all while giving me the upper body workout I’ve been lacking for god knows how long. From the summit, I continue north along the wide Riverwalk path towards Monroe. I head back up to Main from here, and back to

Madison towards Midtown, which is on the way back home.