1090886_517530594004_1046453667_oName: Derrick

Age: 27

Occupation: Illustrator

Why Being Car-Free is Important to You:

I’ve been biking for transportation for over five years. I started in college when my car died, and it’s been a slow, gradual process to become an all season commuter. Realizing I could get to point B with the power of my legs and a relatively simple machine was empowering and addictive.

I am able to take care of multiple concerns ranging from the mundane and practical (getting to work, groceries, transport) to things a bit more peripheral (exercise and fitness, finding a community of like-minded cyclists, exploring my city). Even though I can’t see it in an obvious way, I know that I’m saving a ton of money by getting around this way, which gives me more flexibility as I pursue a career as a creative.

I’m happy to see that the city is taking the initial steps towards implementing car-free infrastructure. I believe the more that a car is presented as an option, and not a necessity, things like urban planning, development, and policy will follow suit. Spaces will be used more intelligently, roads and corridors laid out with more consideration, and ideally there will be a greater sense of interaction between Memphians with each other and the city in which we all reside.

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