Being Car-Free in Memphis  has benefits for everyone, regardless if you’re able to do it all the time, or just for short trips every now and again. The city benefits, employers benefit, and commuters benefit.

Benefits to the City

The fewer trips you take in a car by yourself, the more you help our region to:

  • Improve air quality;
  • Reduce traffic congestion;
  • Keep money in the regional economy, by reducing money spent on gas; and
  • Reduce the public costs of road infrastructure, parking, and health care.
Benefits for Commuters

Save money and improve your health, sense of community, stress levels, and enjoyment of life.

  • Money:  Save on automobile maintenance and fuel by driving less.
  • Health:  By walking, biking, or walking to and from the bus, you are building physical activity into your daily life.
  • Community:  Riding the bus and carpooling are great ways to meet your neighbors. Biking and walking give you different perspectives on your city than you might experience from behind a steering wheel.
  • Stress:  Working from home, getting an extra day off as a flex worker, socializing on the bus or with fellow carpoolers, and getting some exercise while walking or biking can all help to reduce stress.
  • Fun:  Remember the joy of riding a bike as a kid? You can recapture that joy as an adult.  Challenge your friends and co-workers to log the most trips, burn the most calories, reduce the most carbon emissions, or walk the most miles!
Benefits for Employers

Employers can boost productivity, save money, and create a great work environment by encouraging employees to leave their cars at home.

  • Increase employee productivity,
  • Reduce healthcare costs,
  • Reduce employee stress,
  • Offer an alternative to gym memberships,
  • Attract employees,
  • Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts,
  • Reduce demand for parking, and
  • Reduce payroll taxes through implementation of Commuter Tax Benefit.