Mac – Blog Post #2

As I write this, I am reminded that people who use alternative transportation must be good at logic and puzzles.

During events, such as races and sporting events, it is sometimes necessary to put buses on detour, and sometimes, unexpected events such as fires occur. When those occur, its important to have a backup plan in mind.

Such an event occurred the other night during a ball game, when my bus did not arrive.

I ran the Mata traveler that I learned about in the MATA training that we had at the Airways Travel Center, and saw the bus had already passed, although by a different route.  Then, since I was still downtown, I grabbed a trolley toward North End.

Sometimes, if there are not enough passengers and the trolley is running behind schedule, they will turn trolleys, and give the one or two passengers a ride to the next transfer point, and a supervisor got me to the North End Terminal.

If your bus does not arrive, and its during hours of the call center, they can check to see if there is a problem. If you are near another route, ask that driver to call and see what has happened.

If you are a regular rider, remember June and December.  Those are the two main times MATA makes schedule changes. Normally the first Sunday of those months, you will see new operators on most lines and new routes will be started.

This month has been a great time of learning for a lot of us, and I’m glad that some of you have explored how so many of us live, hopefully making the Memphis area a better place by reducing traffic, reducing air pollution, and increasing health by exercise.

Thanks for joining us, and I hope to see you around the area.