Darrell – Blog Post #2

photo 3Well..the Madison Ave trolley has been taken out of circulation until they investigate the fire situation…so I’ve been on bicycle (pics attached).  The commute to my office is only one mile each way, but who knew that a bike ride could be such a workout w/ a couple of modest hills along the way.  It took some getting used to since its been so long since I rode a bike.  

I purposely avoided Union Ave, just because I’d like to live to see my birthday in November.  The backstreets have been very peaceful and motorists have been very accommodating  .  Similar to my walks, you really get a chance to take in the surrounding neighborhood when you step outside of the vehicle.  I’m learning that I do need to brush up on my bicycle road warrior etiquette (signaling a turn, what to do at 4-way stops, etc).  In all, its been a good couple of weeks and am being accustomed to this new way of travel.

photo 5