Anna – Blog Post #2

Hello. Anna here again blogging about my car free challenge. I started off commuting with mostly bus and carpooling. However, these last two weeks I have been biking and walking more. First let me say that we most definitely need more bike lanes in our city of Memphis. It is impossible to ride in the street with the cars without blocking the street or slowing down traffic. Even riding on the sidewalk is difficult because it is all uneven and there are always trash can and what not blocking the way. The bike lane just make you feel so much safer.

imageWalking is an easy task for short distances without a time crunch. Because walking to places can be a little time consuming. I enjoy taking new routes and going through different neighborhood. You learn a lot about our little city of Memphis by walking around. When in a car we just drive by everything so quickly you never notice all the little local shops and what not. Car free challenge had been more of an eye opener/ educational experience than a challenge.  I learned so much more about our city of Memphis being car free. It really help you see that being car free in a city that is car based is not impossible to do. But can be very rewarding. Having an alternative to driving a car everywhere is a wonderful thing. We should all take advantage of it. Save some gas money. Make Memphis a greener cleaner place to be. Oh! And I know that it is in Memphis plans to turn the old  Harahan bridge (that used to be used to carry rail lines across the Mississippi River to Arkansas) into a roadways  for  bicycle-pedestrian walkway across the river. I read that they will be starting this project in the mid of 2014 and can not wait! It will bring us spectacular views of Memphis and the Mississippi River.

Hopefully with this amazing new idea  will bring more people to become interested in bike riding and what not. If the city of Memphis work together and making biking and being green a trend/ a cool thing it would catch on so fast!