Anna – Blog Post #1

photo 1Hello! Anna here blogging about my car free challenge.  First let me start off by saying I am no longer a public transportation virgin! The first couple of time riding the bus I was nervous about little things like where do I swipe my bus pass? Where should I sit?  However, now that I have personally experienced taking the bus it is not all that nerve wrecking – even kind of fun. It has been a very educational challenge so far. I learned a lot about how the bus system works. Everything from how much the bus tickets are to how long it takes to get from one destination to another. Oh and also how to check the time of each bus arrival on goggle maps. Okay I must confess that Spencer, my boyfriend, who is also doing the car free challenge and I did manage to get on the wrong bus. Warning to everyone who is new to public buses “look at the bus number”.  Because a bus had show up around the time we check we automatically jumped on and assume we were on the right bus. However we soon realize this bus was changing course and hopped off. Even when we did manage to get on the wrong bus finding an alternative way to get to where we were going was not hard. We just pulled out our phones, checked goggle maps, and headed for the next bus stop.

photo 2Well let me not forget to mention obviously the buses are not lavish but it is most defiantly relatively clean. Also everyone I have sat/stand next to have been pretty friendly. I often see people giving up their sit for an old man/woman. I have been commuting mostly by buses, car pooling, and some walking these past two weeks. I’ll be bicycling more when the weather is nice and most definitely will be mentioning it in my next blog. All in all it has been a fun and educational experience. I am enjoying myself very much.

What I love about this challenge is that it open up your mind to try new things.

photo 3