Darrell – Blog Post #1

The first week of the car-free challenge has been a major adjustment for me.  However, it has been a very enjoyable departure from my normal transportation modes.  Fortunately, my commute to work is 1 mile, so a nice walk to and from work has allowed for me to take the time to enjoy the sights and sounds of Union Ave in Midtown.  You often don’t realize what all is in your neighborhood surrounding you without consciously getting out of the car and actually walking the neighborhood.

I did contemplate taking the MATA Madison Ave. trolley to a meeting Downtown to a meeting, but seeing on the news that it became engulfed in flames while en route Downtown has me hesitant, but we shall see if my courage builds up over the rest of this week for other Downtown meetings.

The biggest hurdle I’ve had to get over during the challenge so far is being a passenger in my own vehicle.  My son plays soccer in Collierville and we live in Midtown, so that requires a very long drive.  My wife assumed the driving duties, but her need for speed is dramatically less than mine.  After riding with her, I now know what it must have been like to travel long distances by stagecoach in the old days..lol!

In all, its been a good week.  Next up, I’m mounting the bike from Revolutions to make my way to my Midtown fitness destinations Bikram Yoga in Overton Square and the Kroc Center.  I’ve not been on a bicycle in roughly 25 years…so wish me luck!